RISE is the fire resistant sealing system of choice for cable and pipe penetrations. Fast and simple to install with its smart system design and extremely limited number of component parts. It's not for nothing that many shipyards world-wide call RISE the RAPID TRANSIT SYSTEM.


The severity of testing undergone world-wide by the RISE system is unmatched by any other system. On this basis it has been awarded certificates guaranteeing optimized fire safety. In the light of this extremely tough test programme the US and British navies have approved the RISE system for application on board of their vessels.
The RISE extension frame can be supplied for the purpose of 'upgrading' existing installations to the RISE system. This frame not only improves fire resistance but also creates a substantial improvement in ducting capacity.
Typlical application areas of the RISE system are:

  • shipbuilding and retrofitting
  • offshore installations
  • building and construction
  • other environments where the safety of people and installations has to be guaranteed.

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  • For fire, gas, smoke and watertight sealing of multi-cable penetrations.
  • Compact system. No precise fitting parts.
  • No metal parts, no corrosion.
  • Most cost-effective way of installation.
  • No pre-engineering or special conduit frames.
  • No restrictions on cable types and sizes, no insulation in front of the penetration needed.
  • Adding or removing cables an easy matter.
  • RISE-Extender frame for upgrading block systems - doubles the usable space!
  • Proven - new and upgraded installations
  • The system of choice in shipyards worldwide for almost 20 years!

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