FIRSTO /ACTIFOAM Firesafe Multi-cable and run transit sealing system. 


FIRSTO firestops are designed to seal multi-cable and cable tray penetrations of fire-rated walls and floors. FIRSTO fire stops are developed as a modular system which is simple to assemble around the cable run against the wall or on the floor. Working in inaccessible
openings is often cumbersome, but with FIRSTO, this is a thing of the past.

FIRSTO is specifically suitable for the fire resistant ducting of cables and/or cable trays through wall and floor penetrations. No other firestop can offer the high level of security with the flexibility, time and cost savings and highest quality standard that FIRSTO offers.

Today's typical application areas of the FIRSTO system are:

  • Petrochemical industry
  • Telecom and computer industry
  • Any work area where cable maintenance and frequent changes may be necessary

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    • Available as wall or floor casings in a variety of sizes
    • Easy to install and simple to add or remove cables at a later date
    • The fire stop prevents the spread of smoke and fire, and can withstand heavy mechanical loads
    • Designed to provide a simple solution for both new and existing cable penetrations
    • Cellular rubber with closed cell structure to prevent moisture absorption
    • Rubber is activated and expanding when exposed to flames or extensive heat
    • Self-correcting fire stop system
    • UL Classified Firestops
    • Front of the sealing system can be covered with FIWA® or NOFIRNO® sealant for outdoor use
    • Proven - modular casings to fit to cable ways

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