FISSIC is a fire proof coating that forms a gas tight surface, has no water absorption
and is salt water resistant. 


Fissic coating has been developed for corrosion protection of steel parts in shipbuilding, offshore and industrial installations, especially those exposed to high air humidity and/or seawater conditions. The coating also offers a high degree of fire protection and can be used to thermally protect cable and pipe penetrations.
Today's typical application areas of the FISSIC system are:

  • offshore oil rigs 
  • shipbuilding
  • construction industry
  • offshore sector
  • oil and gas industry
  • petro chemicals industry
  • utility companies
  • any other environments where steel parts may be exposed to high air humidity and/or seawater conditions

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  • it is a fire retardant coating on the basis of an APEO-free water-based polymer emulsion without the addition of VOC containing solvents.
  • it has been tested successfully on flame spread characteristics and toxicity and is classed as ”not capable of producing excessive quantity of smoke or toxic product”. MED certificate 39278/A0 EC issued by Bureau Veritas.
  • it is fire proof and salt water resistance. KIWA report 20150421HN01.
  • it is gas tight up to 30 mBar. Test report WT 1501-148.
  • it is water impermeable. KIWA report 20160203TW01.
  • it is  resistant to diesel & petrol. KIWA report 20160224TW01.
  • it prevents CUI - corrosion underneath insulation
  • it has been successfully SBI tested according to EN 13823:2010 and ISO 1716 for A-class rating - A2-s1-d0. Non-combustible, no smoke/flames, no droplets.
  • adhesion > 5 MPa according to ISO 4624:08-2003.
  • abrasion resistance
  • can be applied by airless spraying or by brushing.

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