ACTIFOAM is used to fill around cables and bus-bars, also any gaps in constructions. In case of fire, the area will be totally filled with the expanding rubber, offering a perfect fire seal for a very long duration.


The ACTIFOAM multi-cable transit sealing system is available as ACTIFOAM filler sheets and ACTIFOAM slit filler sheets. The oxygen index of ACTIFOAM is 40% (>30% is flame retardant). 

An advantage of the ACTIFOAM material is that is does not absorb water. Tested at 2.5 bar water pressure.

Good weathering, UV and ozone resistance. Temperature range from -15 °C to +70 °C.

Typical application areas are:

  • fire resistant ducting of cables (cavity seals)
  • fire resistant ducting of busbar systems (busbar cavity seals)
  • fire resistant ducting of cables and/or cable trays through wall and floor penetrations (Firsto Firestop)
  • fire resistant sealing of doors and hatches
  • fire resistant and thermal protection of installations

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  • Designed to provide a simple solution for both new and existing cable penetrations.
  • Cellular rubber with closed cell structure to prevent moisture absorption.
  • Rubber is activated and expanding when exposed to flames or extensive heat.
  • Self-correcting fire stop system.
  • Adding or removing cables an easy matter.
  • Front of the sealing system can be covered with FIWA or NOFIRNO sealant.
  • Proven - simple installation (sheets and slit sheets).
  • The system of choice for upgrading existing cable penetrations.

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