ACTIFOAM is used to fill around cables and bus-bars, also any gaps in constructions. In case of fire, the area will be totally filled with the expanding rubber, offering a perfect fire seal for a very long duration.

AQUASTOP - The NOFIRNO® / AQUASTOP® sealing system is a proprietary,
state-of-the-art method for sealing existing pipe and cable penetrations that are
experiencing real-time water leakage

The CET-A-SIL sealing plugs and the GLANDMOD gland module system offer improved safety/fire safety for industrial plants.
Designed to provide fire safe, gas and watertight seals for pipe penetrations

Conduits are available in a range of styes and materials – composite, steel, stainless steel and fire resistant plastic

The CRUSHER system is suitable for all plastic pipe penetrations and approved for a multiple mixture of all kinds of plastic pipes. The crushers or wraps crush and seal pipes during a fire.

The DYNATITE sealing plugs were developed for applications where a high degree of (instantaneous) tightness is required. The DYNATITE plugs are compressible, the high-tech design of DYNATITE actually allows the system to get tighter as the pressure increases.

FIRSTO /ACTIFOAM Firesafe Multi-cable and run transit sealing system. 

FISSIC is a fire proof coating that forms a gas tight surface, has no water absorption
and is salt water resistant. 

NOFIRNO is the ideal solution for the firesafe and gas, smoke and watertight sealing of multi-cable and pipe penetrations. Certified to the highest fire rating levels.

NOFIRNO mineral boards offer a very economic solution for the sealing of larger open spaces in conduit openings can be used in conjunction with RISE, ACTIFOAM and CRUSHER components.

NOFIRNO SHEET – GASKET MATERIAL – The Nofirno rubber used for the sheets and gaskets has excellent weathering proprties, UV resisitance and long term behaviour. Service life easily exceeds 50 years under normal environmental conditions..

RISE is the fire resistant sealing system of choice for cable and pipe penetrations, encasing cables that expand and seal the penetration in a fire. Fast and simple to install with its smart system design and extremely limited number of component parts.