NOFIRNO mineral boards offer a very economic solution for the sealing of larger open spaces in conduit openings can be used in conjunction with RISE, ACTIFOAM and CRUSHER components.


NOFIRNO mineral wool boards are coated with a layer of NOFIRNO on one or both sides. In case of fire the NOFIRNO coating will form a ceramic protective shield at the exposed side. This shield is also a thermal barrier. Furthermore it prevents moisture from escaping from the inside of the mineral wool board so that no shrinkage will occur during fire exposure. NOFIRNO coating is water resistant.
Typical application aresas of the NOFIRNO mineral boards are:

  • Building and constructions
  • Renovation
  • Transport industry
  • Utilities works
  • Telecom and IT industry

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Designed to provide a fire safe sealing solution for upgrading existing installations

  • Combination of ACTIFOAM rubber and NOFIRNO boards, especially for oversized penetrations
  • Cellular rubber with closed cell structure to prevent moisture absorption
  • Rubber is activated and expanding when exposed to flames or extensive heat
  • NOFIRNO coating prevents shrinking of mineral wool board. Not moisture sensitive
  • Breakthrough - coating which forms a ceramic shield when exposed to fire, preventing shrinkage
  • The system of choice for replacing intumescent sealing systems
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